Mission control from
haul to launch.

The Battleboard is an intuitive visual interface to help you manage your boatyard. With the Battleboard it’s easy to arrange your yard, and even easier to get a sense of what it will look like in the future.

Battleboard will be available in October.


View quickly. Monitor accurately. Manage effortlessly. Let's maximize your yard space.
Battleboard is mission ready with an extensive feature set to go.

Drag, Drop and Rotate

Not your typical boatyard management system. Easily drag, drop and rotate elements on your digital map to simulate the placement of boats on your yard.

Track History

The power of a time machine in a software package. Battleboard let’s you track the movement of every boat as it cycles through the yard to get a clear picture of where it has been in time.

Colour Coded Reservation Status

Eliminate the guess work. Know the status of your yard at all times. By looking at colour codes, battleboard makes it easy to know which boats on your yard are marked for launch or haul.


A digital ruler at your finger tips. Measure the distance from one point of the yard to another. Easily calibrate and define distances with the movement of a mouse.

Scaled Boat Models

Placement modelling for modern boatyards. Ever wondered if an incoming boat will fit your yard when it arrives? Experience the ease of battleboard’s yard planning with scaled boat models.

Reservation Management

A simple and easy UI which allows you to actively manage and track boatyard reservations as they come in. Streamline and consolidate your reservation processes into one dynamic tool.

Customer Management

Never lose sight of your customers. Battleboard’s customer management module provides a visual overview of all customers in a single, intuitive interface. View, search, and filter a real-time snapshot of all boatyard customers.

Customizable workflows

No more guessing what needs to be done next. Create customizable workflows that map to the way you manage your yard.

Customer Area

Keeping boat lovers center stage. The Battleboard customer area makes it easy for boat owners to maintain communication with your boatyard, track pending and completed work items and view and pay invoices.

Custom Reservation Forms

Collecting and tracking reservation requests from different sources can be daunting at times. Dismiss the hassle with battleboard forms. Create and submit reservation requests from a single, custom client-facing reservation form.


The swiss army knife of boatyard management. Track and bill work items as they happen. Battleboard allows you to create and send professional invoices to customers in a matter of seconds.

“I had this software developed out of sheer necessity as it did not exist. Sonover hit the nail on the head by building the visual interface of my yard that I was dreaming of having. It is exactly what I wanted and I can’t imagine running my boatyard without it.”

Jason Fletcher Yard Manager, Grenada Marine

Battleboard will be available in October.